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Battling the demon called Self Pity

Battling the demon called Self Pity- A case study!

A friend of mine, let’s call her A, had a certain sense of fear, right when she was a kid. Anything bad happening around her would be reframed by her, in her mind, as happening to herself.
Her fear, caused symptoms in her body almost immediately…

It’s from her that I learnt to believe that our thoughts have unimaginable power over our bodies

And once she was drowned in the symptoms, she would go into the dangerous zone of self pity

Why Self Pity is an energy sucker

Apart from being self centred about one’s own thoughts and pain; Self Pity is that which pushes oneself to victimise the self- as if one is the source of all trouble and the dominant ” only wrong stuff can happen to me” thought.

It keeps A’s energy levels low all the time, the willingness to explore and create at negative points and she basically considers herself incapable of doing anything because she thinks she ” is like this”

She also is not in a frame of mind to accept suggestions or advice. Her low self esteem evokes anger and jealousy when someone around her is successful or happy.

The Way Out

Acceptance – on her part, will help her realise that she is actually going through some heavy duty emotions and not otherwise.

It will empower her to accept that everybody goes through a rough patch and they eventually come out of it and that she is no exception.

She needs to just see that the power to feel good is in her hands and not in her external environment.

Wishing her good luck and happier days to come !!

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