About the Program: Empower Me is a power packed program giving you valuable insights to understand yourself and in discovering your core potential, passion, and purpose areas

What It Offers: Tools to leverage your core to gain mastery in your professional and personal lives.

Framework Includes: Assessments, mentoring sessions, insightful activities, everyday actionable items and daily monitoring for the length of the program.

Best Suits: Empower Me is offered to teenagers, young adults, and working professionals at different paces based on the age group .

This is the best program for teenagers who would like to

  • design the best fit career for themselves,
  • learn decision making
  • Understand their true potential and the correct direction into adulthood

For Adults, this program helps-

  • to chart the next step forward in career and life
  • Address lack of clarity and questions like “being stuck somewhere and I have no idea why”
  • to set goals for a happy and successful life

Program Duration and Mode:

Offered in both individual and group modes.

The duration of this program ranges from 4 to 6 weeks depending on the age group and other variables

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